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At Renew Laser Aesthetics, we are very transparent about pricing. We believe that skin rejuvenation and tattoo removal should be affordable and that is why we are very upfront about our pricing. You will find our price list below. We encourage you to call our office to schedule a free consultation. At this consultation our team will provide you with the number of sessions we feel it will take to achieve your skin rejuvenation or tattoo removal goals and the total cost of treatment.

Our Mission

At Renew Laser Aesthetics our goal is your utmost satisfaction with the treatments we offer. Once a patient has purchased 6 treatment sessions, Renew Laser Aesthetics offers a six month guarantee (which means that we will provide additional treatment sessions, one every six weeks, free of charge for up to six months until the patient is satisfied with the results).  With tattoo removal there are occasions where ink has been used which does not allow complete removal.

Skin Rejuvenation

Face, neck and chest$700


Tattoo Removal

Renew Laser Aesthetics charges tattoo removal by the square inch. Please note that we do not charge for spaces between lettering so it is best to come in for a free consultation so that our team can provide you with the number of sessions we feel it will take to remove the tattoo and the total cost. We are happy to have you make payments each time you come in for a treatment. Please note that treatment sessions are scheduled six (6) weeks apart. On average a tattoo will take between four (4) and six (6) sessions to remove. Renew Laser Aesthetics offers a 20% discount for three (3) or more sessions.

Up to a 3-inch tattoo per session$300 (or $960 for 4 sessions with the 20% discount)
Larger tattoos are priced according to size by the square inch 


Pigment Correction
(brown spots and discoloration):

At Renew Laser Aesthetics the treatment of brown spots (sometimes called age spots) on the face and hands is charged by the time spent doing the treatment in 15 minute increments.


15 minutes$300

Please note that all pricing is for one session.  We do offer a 20% discount when three (3) or more treatments are purchased.

*All prices subject to change without notice.

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