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You shouldn’t have to hide any area of your body — just because you want to cover up your spider veins. Board-certified physician Manfred Henne, MD, PHD, and his team at Renew Laser Aesthetics offer comprehensive laser spider vein reduction treatments right in the office. Schedule your spider vein evaluation at this Poulsbo, Washington-based practice by requesting an appointment online or by calling the office.

Spider Veins Q & A

What causes spider veins?

Spider veins are those unsightly webs of veins you develop most commonly in weight-bearing areas. They form as blood pools in the vein, which causes the vein to become damaged. As a result, you see this tangled web of discolored, damaged veins on your skin. Varicose veins are similar and have the same causes, but the affected veins are larger.

Spider veins can develop because of:

  • Inherited trait
  • Excess body weight
  • History of blood clots
  • Regularly standing all day for work

Women are more likely to develop spider veins than men, often because of hormonal fluctuations around pregnancy or menopause, or from using birth control pills.

How are spider veins treated?

At Renew Laser Aesthetics, you can resolve your spider veins with advanced Icon™ by Cynosure® laser treatments. The revolutionary Icon laser system sends beams of laser energy through your skin and into your veins. This energy gently damages the targeted veins, so your body can no longer use them.

As blood re-circulates to nearby healthy veins, your treated spider veins gradually start to fade. The cutting-edge Icon technology isn’t just for treating unsightly veins on your face either. 

How long does it take for spider veins to fade after treatment?

It takes time for treated veins to fade away and for healthier, more even-toned skin to surface. You should start noticing an improvement within a couple weeks of your laser spider vein treatment at Renew Laser Aesthetics. For more stubborn spider veins, you could need a package of one to four sessions, each spaced at least four to six weeks apart, to achieve optimal results.

Since laser spider vein treatments with Icon are fast — anywhere from 5-30 minutes — and virtually painless, if you do need more than one session, you can easily squeeze your visit into your busy routine. You have no downtime afterward, so you can go right back to your regular activities.

Book your laser spider vein evaluation at Renew Laser Aesthetics today. Click on the online scheduler to book, or call the office directly.

* Individual results may vary.